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On our Stress & Anxiety Relief Drink Powder that mixes into your favorite beverage, smoothie and yogurt.


Everyone Deserves Peace

Our mission is to spread this message while creating products that support peace for yourself. Continued relaxation throughout the day or night, so you can focus on what’s important – and not on stress. Read more about Our Values.

Quality Assurance

Every ingredient that goes into our products is put through quality control testing. If it doesn’t pass, it doesn’t go into your body. You can rest assured that products purchased from us meet strict standards for public health protection.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Promise

We offer one of the most generous satisfaction guarantees in the industry: If you don’t love it after a full bottle, you get your money back. Learn more about Our Promise.



Why Am I Hangry? (Explained)

Have you felt your mood change after going long hours before eating? Have you felt short tempered or angry in situations you normally wouldn't? If so, you were probably experiencing “hanger.” The Culprit of Hanger Hangry is when hunger meets anger, hence the word...

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5 Adaptogens to Relieve Stress

We all deal with symptoms of stress every day, whether it is caused by work, relationships or our financial situations. The human body is constantly trying to adapt to all of these daily stresses and struggles to keep us balanced and healthy. There are various ways to...

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Reduce Your Medical Bills for Free

According to two papers published in the journal The Lancet, the United States spends the most on health care per person. The U.S spends roughly $9,000 while Somalia spends the least at about $30 per person. Though Somalia does have a much lower life expectancy at...

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Our Happy Customers

Below are some of our favorite reviews!

Awesome results in short period of time

My Grandaughter has Asperger with the dual diagnosis of anxiety, depression, bipolar, ADD! Traditional medications have had many negative side effects! In less than one week we’re celebrating all the little positive results! We’re hoping that we further use, we can see bigger positive results!” (Relax + Focus Stress & Anxiety Relief Drink Powder)


It works. Buy it.

“This product (Relax + Focus Stress & Anxiety Relief Drink Powder) is significantly helping control my anxiety. Very happy I found it. Great communication with company. Can’t recommend it enough if you are reading this.”


Great stuff

I use this product (Relax + Focus Stress & Anxiety Relief Drink Powder) everyday at work and it seems to keep me very calm and focused.


Five Stars

“Love the product (Relax + Focus Stress & Anxiety Relief Drink Powder) and the company really shows it cares about its customers!”


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