Our Values


Zen Balance isn’t just a place to buy a supplement, it’s a loving intention: “I want to live a calm and peaceful life.” You have people that need you, and we want to help you take good care of yourself so you can be present, kind and helpful for them.

We formulate our products to really work, not just create a placebo effect. Our proprietary Relax + Focus blend was crafted under the careful attention of two independent nutritionists. They helped us to ensure our formulas have high enough, yet safe, amounts of the active ingredients, in addition to the right balance of the supporting ingredients to achieve the relaxing effect of our products.

Our Relax + Focus powder is the first supplement of its kind on the market today. Blended with herbs, vitamins, and protein powder, we hope your use of it can be like a meditation in a cup: That you’re focusing your intention on staying calm and alert through a ritual of supplementing your beverage, yogurt or smoothie.

Additionally, we offer the Relax + Focus formula in a capsule format that does not include the protein powder, and a Relax + Sleep capsule supplement that will support relaxation and a restful night’s sleep.


Quality Assurance


Zen Balance supplements are manufactured and packaged in California at a laboratory that meets or exceeds all Good Manufacturing Practices and ensures that extensive testing and material analysis is performed before any product is released from their facility. You can rest assured that products purchased from us meet strict standards for public health protection.


Easy Ordering & Returns


We’re pleased to offer free shipping on all orders, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We want you to be gloriously happy, and if you aren’t then we want to make that right. Give our product a try for the full bottle size, if you don’t feel better then we’ll refund your money, no need to send anything back to us. Pretty nice right? Take a look at the full terms of our guarantee here.