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Stress and anxiety are the worst. No matter what causes them – money troubles, strained relationships, job issues – you don’t have to face life with fear and worry.

I can relate, because it’s a serious issue I was facing after my daughter turned 2 years old. I’d always had a mostly positive outlook on life, but suddenly found myself stressing on everything, all the time. Sure it’s normal sometimes, but this was becoming chronic. My life looked completely different than what I had always known. Now I was a mom and wife, co-running a household, a business owner, and balancing it was almost too much to manage. I didn’t recognize this anxiety-ridden person I had become. And for what? Was I really born so that I could worry that laundry wasn’t done, worry that maybe I wouldn’t earn enough money, or worry at the idea of missing a work deadline? It seemed that my anxiety was all over some future event that might happen, but pretty much never did. And the people that were paying for all this stress were my family. My dear, sweet daughter. It couldn’t go on.

The first step in recovering from this chronic anxiety was to define an intention that was bigger than myself: To live a relaxed and peaceful life so I can be present, calm and kind for the people that need me. I dug head first into all-that-is-calm – meditation, mindfulness, diet, supplementation – and through that process had the idea for a wellness company that could pass on these learnings and intentions. I believe balance is the key word for experiencing peace and joy because we can’t force every moment to be peaceful, but we can try to be zen about “what is”. Thus the name for my company: Zen Balance.

Zen Balance isn’t just a company that sells products for relaxation and stress relief, it’s the expression of the loving intention: “I want to live a calm and peaceful life.”

All that being said, I am faarrrrr from reaching this goal for myself. There are so many moments of frustration, disappointment, sadness and all of those emotions we try to run from. What I love about getting older is the awareness around where I’m trying to grow, and working on it day by day. This awareness doesn’t just make my life better, but better for everyone stuck with me 🙂

You, my wonderful customers, have people that need you and I want to help you take good care of yourself so you can be present for them. There are varying degrees that stress and anxiety play in life, and personal growth doesn’t stop at a product, but I hope that we can help to be a nourishing part of your journey to the peace you are seeking.


All my best,
Naomi Catalina, Co-Founder

Zen Balance | Anxiety Relief

Naomi Catalina


Naomi is always working on being calm and patient, which doesn’t come 100% naturally for her. She’s made it her life’s mission to help others with this struggle because she knows firsthand how damaging it can be for everyone around her. Her husband can definitely relate to the “happy wife, happy life” statement! With a B.A. in graphic design from San Francisco State University, she’s had the pleasure of working with numerous world famous brands that have shown her how a purpose-driven business can do a lot of good in the world.

Sarah Scudder


Sarah is a super-star at anything that she does. Her ability to step into any project at any time with her tireless effort makes her the perfect business partner for Naomi’s creative pursuits. Sarah has a B.A. in marketing from Sonoma State University and is one of the most kind, and least stressed out people Naomi has ever known.